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HuntVe™ 4×4 and Joe Moseley, owner of T and T have over 12 years making customers happy!

Discover the power and versatility of the HuntVe™4×4 side by side, a top-of-the-line off-road UTV designed for the most demanding adventures.

HuntVe uses dual direct drive motors that consistently deliver smooth quite power while never over powering a single motor. Word to the wise – don’t consider an electric 4x4 UTV that has only one motor.

You didn’t come this far to buy a cheap substitute!

Buy the best, buy a HuntVe from T and T!

T and T Offroad Electric logo
T and T Offroad Electric logo

T and T Offroad Electric UTVs is your authorized HuntVe dealer for Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

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huntve utv parked outside a gate
huntve utv parked outside a gate

T and T HuntVe

The concept of the HuntVe was born in 2006 from the need for a quality manufactured electric 4x4 off road UTV. Started in Fort Worth Texas, our experienced electric vehicle team combined management and engineering expertise to introduce the HuntVe line of vehicles. Us

American made HuntVes will always lead in customer service, technology innovation, and prove the grass is always greener on our side of the fence.

huntve utv logo
huntve utv logo

Here's what our customers say

The HuntVe™ 4×4 is the best off-road UTV I’ve ever owned. The dual direct drive motors provide a smooth and quiet power output, and the durability is unmatched.

- John D.

I highly recommend T & T OFF ROAD ELECTRIC for their outstanding electric UTV sales and service. The HuntVe™ 4×4 is a top-notch vehicle with exceptional quality.

- Sarah M

”Bought a HuntVe from Joe about 10 years ago and coming back for another!”

- Jimmy G.

Discover why customers love the wide range of electric and hybrid electric HuntVe™ 4×4 UTVs. Exceptional quality and consistent performance make HuntVe the clear choice!